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Digital Plates

ATP has introduced a new digital plates feature for the 2020/21 school year to provide a convenient solution for our users who need to administer assessments remotely.

This new web-based plate viewer allows screen sharing in one browser window, while controlling the plate display from another. ATP Online also allows a clinician to send a link directly to the examinee and circumvent some of the problems with screen sharing such as low bandwidth, technical challenges with the software, and not receiving confirmation when a new plate is visible to the examinee.

You can purchase and control your digital plate products from within ATP Online without having to set up any 3rd party accounts. Create an ATP Online account and get started today!

For more information on getting started with our digital plate products, read our Digital Plates Guide:

Digital Plates Guide (PDF)

Free Scoring

ATP is providing free scoring reports for a limited time. Use the discount code SCOREFORFREE to access your first 5 scoring products (up to 25 reports).

SCOREFORFREE is a one time use code, so please add your 25 reports at the same time. As a note, our scoring products come in packs of five. You are allowed to add up to 5 packs of 5 reports to your cart, which can be selected for any assessment with scoring reports.

If you are attempting to do tele-assessment during this time, please refer to this statement: Statement on ATP Assessments Telehealth Practices (2020)

Paying by Purchase Order?

If you would like to purchase ATP Online products with a purchase order, please make sure you have created an ATP Online account. Include the email of the account owner on your purchase order so we can properly allocate your inventory to your ATP Online account.

For instructions on how to submit a purchase order, please visit AcademicTherapy.com